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MotoMomsDecor.com is dedicated to all moms on a quest to decorate with flair.

Definition of a Motivated Mom [MotoMoms]:

A Motivated Mom is a truly amazing creature, typically inspired by anything creative, she is always ready to tackle the next project that will transform any place into a beautiful, safe and peaceful abode for her family. MotoMom is not afraid to ask for help, do research, read manuals, even enlist partner’s help. Mistakes make her stronger, not embarrassed. She learns at every turn and improves by every completed mission. MotoMom is the Queen of Do-it-yourself Projects and a Pinterest Goddess.

Help me grow a network of motivated moms to drive support and creativity to the next level. I will be adding new designs every other week to represent a diversity of decorations for kid’s rooms, baby’s nurseries and the entire home.

If you are a MotoMom and would you like me to help you design a specific project, please contact me!

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