Installing your Wall Decals

Before installing the decals onto the wall, please follow the Best Practice Cleaning Method for an enhance adhesion of wall vinyl decals. 

How to Install Wall Decals

MotoMoms Decor wall decals are an easy way to bring to life a room theme or to add a touch of fun on any interior environment. For best results, be sure to apply your wall decals to a clean dry surface after following our recommended best procedures for enhanced adhesion. Even if you just paint your wall and waited 30 days, you HAVE TO  clean the wall with the Enhanced Adhesion Method to get the best results.

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PRO's Tips:

1. If your wall paint is new, please wait at least 30 days to apply.Under-cured paint may continue to outgas and cause bubbles in decal that appears to be well applied right after application.
2. Apply when the decals are at room temperature and after they have been laid flat for a few hours.
3. Some of our more intricate wall decals may include transfer tape. This is a clear tape that is applied on top of the decals to help align the decals properly. You may find transfer tape applied to your decals, particularly if you ordered floral designs, trees, quotes or personalized baby's names decals.
4. Decals applied to contaminated walls, or walls that exhibit visible signs of peeling, lifting, bubbling, or dampness are likely to fail. Please follow our Enhanced Adhesion Cleaning Procedures

How to Install Wall Decals

If you just painted your wall make sure you give the paint 2 to 4 weeks to dry before you apply the decals. Otherwise it will get ugly.

Before you start, be sure your wall is smooth, dry, and clean. My wall decals don’t like textured walls-and frankly neither do I (but it should still work if it’s not too textured).  We suggest using plain old hot water as a cleaning solution (give it time to dry), finishing up by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol, which should make it ultra clean. 


Plan your design first. We recommend painter's tape to secure decals to your wall before you remove the white backing. You can remove the wall decals once you’ve affixed them, but you cannot re-use them unless you have received the self adhesive fabric decals which are removable and repositionable.

Optional: If there are multiple decals on one sheet, you may want to cut loosely around them before you position them on the wall. This is up to you, if it is easier to install, cut around them making sure you do not accidentally cut the decal.

If your graphic is on the big side, you might want to use the Hinge Method: 

Step 1 - Center the decal onto the application surface. Put small pieces of tape on the top corners to hold it in place.
Step 2 - Apply a long piece of painters tape across the top of the vinyl graphic thus forming a hinge., ( make it 2 strips of painters tape if the panel is too big to secure it to the wall.
Step 3 - Remove the smaller pieces of painter's tape you placed on step 1. 
Step 4 - Fold each panel using the hinge, peel off the backing paper and cut it with scissors. Discard the paper.
Step 5 -Squeegee the panel on starting near the hinge and smoothing to the sides (TO AVOID WRINKLES HOLD THE
DOWN) Repeat this action for all of the pieces/panels.
Step 6 - Peel off the transfer tape and you are done. 


    Look at you! You’ve just made your wall look super awesome! You can call your mom and tell her the great news. Imagine what your parents might say! Nice work. If you feel like it, take a picture and send it to me  We want to share your wall decal success with all the others MotoMoms out there.

    STEP 4: SHARE & leave feedback! 
    I am proud of your adventurous spirit, and I want to share your wall decal success. Now it’s pictures time! Take a picture and send it to If I like it, I will use it on my website, Instagram it and Facebook it! 

    Smooth and Textured Walls - Adhesion Characteristics

    Adhesion is the ability of the decal's adhesive to bond to the wall. The amount of both initial and final adhesion varies with the type of adhesive used on the decal, the texture of the wall, the paint characteristics, the application temperature and the application techniques. The adhesive bond builds with time. The decal may never achieve its full bond if it is poorly applied or you are using the wrong decal/adhesive combination for the wall and its paint.

    • Adhesion, final. The maximum amount of bond achieved by a decal, usually in 24 to 48 hours after installation except in cool temperatures or textured walls.
    • Adhesion, initial. The amount of bond needed to hold the film in place during application.
    • Size of decal. The larger the piece of Decal, the greater the initial and final adhesive bond to the wall must be to support the weight of the decal.
    • Outgassing resulting from uncured paint: As paint dries, it releases certain gases until it is fully dried and cured. Applying a film before the paint has fully cured can result in lifting,bubbles and a premature installation failure. Unfortunately, there is no way to test for this. Cure time varies greatly and can be as long as 30 days. Failure to wait the necessary amount of time may result in outgassing when the film is applied which can contribute to poor or inconsistent film adhesion.
    • Stretching the decal. Decals stretched during application may later shrink. This affects the decal's adhesion to the wall and may result in premature failure.