Why buy from MotoMoms Decor?

At MotoMoms Decor, a small family-run company, we are a team of designers and crafters who pride themselves on creating the best Nursery Decor that makes your place unique and personal. Every graphic is designed and produced in our studio located in Noblesville, IN and shipped worldwide. From nature landscapes to imaginative creatures, we offer décor for your baby’s nursery, kid's playroom, home or retail's office, or any space where you need reinvigorating your environment. Still not convinced? Check out our Facebook and browse our customer photo gallery to see pictures of how actual MotoMoms Decor customers are using their wall decals and taking their walls from conventional to extraordinary. MotoMoms Decor brings to you a line of eco-friendly wall decals and wall murals for nurseries and kids rooms. We work tirelessly to bring you modern, stylish, high quality wall décor that matches your room. We strive to inspire you to decorate a personal and playful space for your entire family.

Which Media is best for me?

    PROS: These are thin decals with very bright colors and they are smooth with minimal luster. These decals will look like painted on your wall. Will last +5 years on your wall (they might last longer but we do not recommend leaving them longer than 5 years) Durable Vinyl will stick to walls painted with Glidden Essentials Flat or Eggshell, Sherwin Williams Duration Flat or Satin, Dutch Boy Flat interior paint.
    CONS: They cannot be repositioned. Do not work with BEHR, VALSPAR, Paramount, Benjamin Moore, PPG Dunn Edwards and more. We have seen how decals fall off the wall if you try to apply them to walls painted with these brands. Select Self Adhesive Fabric if you have these brands. If recently painted your walls, wait 8 weeks before applying your decals.
    Removable Medium Tack Adhesive that can also be re-positioned many times from wall to wall. It is durable and it won't rip easy because it is polyester fabric. It has a canvas-like texture and it is matte. This material could be better for textured walls because it is thicker than vinyl and can hid the texture better. However, if there are many "peaks" on your textured wall, no material will have enough surface to hold on to which might prompt the decal to fall off the wall or be punctured by the sharp peaks on the texture.
    CONS: It is slightly thicker material than vinyl. It has a higher price than Vinyl. If recently painted your walls, wait 8 weeks before applying your decals.

IMPORTANT: During shipping the vinyl is exposed to extreme cold temperatures that might damage the adhesive. I recommend to all customers to keep the package away from the weather elements (avoid leaving on porch, garage or attics) and to allow time for the decal to be expose to room temperatures for at least 4 hours before attempting installation. The adhesive on the decals is activated with heat, you cna use a hair drier to warm up the wall before applying decals (avoid getting too close to the wall to prevent burning down your home) We also suggest to install the decals within 30 days of delivery in order to obtain a full guarantee for the products.

What are wall decals?
Wall decals, sometimes called wall stickers, wall graphics, and wall appliqués are a well-established trend in wall décor by now. Wall decals are a beautiful way to renovate your walls into charming staging that complements any decor. MotoMoms Decor offers self-adhesive vinyl wall decals that are thin, durable and easy to apply. You don't have to have experience to use our wall decals but your walls will look like you hired an interior designer!

MotoMoms Decor Wall decals are made out of self-adhering vinyl and also fabric, printed and cut on a top of the line eco-solvent printer. Our wall decals look like they are hand painted on your wall like a mural or wall stencil. Our printed vinyl and fabric decals are removable and re-stickable, so you can move them around until you're happy with their placement

How do I contact you?
You can get in contact with us thought Email, Contact Form, Phone or Chat Live with us. (if we are too busy to answer the phone, live chat is usually the best option for our busy schedule)

How long will your products stay on my walls?
Our products should last up to 5 years depending on how they are maintained and the base wall paint.

Where are you located?
We are based in Hamilton County, INDIANA. We make everything in-house and we ship from this location.

What are your wall decals made of?
Our wall decals are made of removable 3mil vinyl that is accompanied with transfer tape. For Graphics that are printed and for Wall Murals we use self-adhesive removable and durable  vinyl and fabric with a water-based adhesive backing. All types of materials we offer are of the highest quality. Temporary vinyl and Self-Adhesive Fabric can be easily removed.

Our Adhesive Fabric is made out of 4.0 mil matte white polyester fabric with an acrylic removable pressure sensitive adhesive backed by a 90# sta flat liner. Our Self-Adhesive Fabric is formulated and manufactured to be chlorine and phthalate free. The combination of fabric and adhesive allows removability of this product from normal wall surfaces. The 90# release liner provides excellent stability for processing using standard Eco-Sol Inks. 

How do I apply your products?
Before applying your wall decals, be sure to unroll them (if rolled) and let them lay flat for a few hours. Be sure the decals are at room temperature and that the wall on which they will be applied is dry. Ideally, wait 30 days after painting before applying your wall decals. MotoMoms Decor wall decals are easy to apply. Your wall decals will either come on a backing (like stickers) or sandwiched between one clear piece of paper (called 'transfer tape') and one white piece of paper. The transfer tape helps with alignment of designs that involve letters. To apply, you will first peel off the white piece of paper. You will press your wall decal (which is still attached to the clear paper) on your desired location on your wall. You will then peel off the clear paper pulling downward towards the floor. The decal will remain attached to your wall.

How do I remove your wall decals?
Removable Vinyl & Self Adhesive Fabric: Simply peel the decal from your wall using your fingernail or a blunt tool. DO NOT PULL away from wall perpendicularly, but instead do it parallel to the wall. Warm decals are easier to remove, so heating them with a hair dryer can help during colder months. To remove letters or intrinsic designs, apply a painters tape onto the vinyl and pull them out all at the same time. Removal of wall fabric decals should be done at a 180° angle while pulling slowly against itself. The material is removable up to 6 months under normal interior exposure conditions and applications. Please READ our blog post on how to safely remove the wall decals from your wall.

Durable Vinyl: Apply heat to small area and peel slowly, continue to apply heat right before removal. After decal is off the wall, you will need to use a cleaner to clean the wall if there is any adhesive left (goo gone)

Are your decals reusable?
3mil removable vinyl is not reusable, but printed vinyl and fabric decals are re-positional within a frame of time, you can move them from room to room should you desire.

Will your decals damage my walls?
Temporary Vinyl and Self-Adhesive Fabric decals are designed to be removed easily and will not leave residue up to 3 years. Durable Vinyl could damage your walls if not removed properly. Please follow the recommended guidelines for removal of Durable Vinyl.

Can your decals be applied to any type of wall?
Yes. However, while we have tested our wall decals on many surfaces, there are a limitless number of paints, surfaces, and wall coverings currently on the market and new coverings continue to emerge. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our temporary vinyl and self adhesive fabric wall decals will adhere to every surface equally well. We strongly recommend you order a sample to test these materials. Also, note that because our wall decal material is so thin, the grooves of a textured wall will show through. It is similar to the texture you would see if you were applying a coat of paint. If you do not know what kind of paint you have on your wall, we highly encourage you to request a sample. We have samples for every single design in our catalog of products. If you have one of those paints that we warn against, please select Durable Vinyl to avoid having issues with adhesion.

Can your decals be applied to bathroom walls?
Yes! However, like most materials of this nature, the decals may not last as long as they would if they were in a less humid environment. Durable vinyl that has been laminated will work best for bathrooms.

Can your decals be applied to other surfaces?
Yes, although our products are designed to adhere to flat surfaces as opposed to surfaces with curvature. Customers have successfully applied them to refrigerators, treated wood furniture, metal—even windows!

Do you provide samples?
Yes! We offer samples of our entire color palette so you can get a sense for the quality of our products. Get Samples for ALL our designs HERE

How do I check the status of my shipment?
Login onto your account check on your order, or contact us and we can provide you with the information.

What types of payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and Amazon Pay.

Do you accept custom orders?
We accept custom orders on a case by case basis, depending on our availability. We can customize any order for an extra fee.

What is your privacy policy?
We take your privacy very seriously. Please read our privacy policy along with Terms and Conditions for more detail.

How is my personal information protected?
You personally identifiable information will never be shared with or sold to a third party. Please view our privacy policy for more information.

What are my shipping options?
We are excited to offer free shipping and handling on orders above $100 for domestic customers. Shipping and handling charges for orders below $100 vary depending on your location. We process most orders within 7-10 business days, however, some larger orders might take up to 3 weeks to process. US shipping can take up to 5 days for transit, and Canada transit takes between 8 and 20 days. We print all orders daily and then ship the decals in a large white tube via UPS (about 5 to 7 business days of transit) or USPS 6 to 10 business days.

Do you ship to Canada and other international destinations?
Yes! Our most frequent International shipping destinations include Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands, France and Germany. And we do ship WORLDWIDE. If you find issues checking out please contact us.

What is your return policy?
We do not accept returns or exchanges at this time. All decals are made to order. We accept cancellations up to 24 hours after purchase is made, in case the order was made by mistake.

Can I cancel my order?
Yes and No. When you cancel within 24 hours, there will be no extra fee applied to your cancellation. If you cancel your order after that time, you will be charge 20% restocking fee. You CANNOT cancel your order after it has shipped. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
No returns on Custom Size orders.
If your order is not custom, You can return your unused product within 7 days of receiving it. You will be charge 20% restocking fee.